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Rahlves Banzai Tour

The Rahlves’ Banzai tour has more momentum than ever going into its 6th season. Top skiers and snowboarders from North America will line up against Lake Tahoe area athletes laying it on the line to defend home turf and a cash purse at each event. Points are earned at all events and added up to crown male and female ski and snowboard Overall Banzai Champions for an additional payout. This is where big mountain freeride meets ski / boarder-cross action! The RBT takes place on one of Kirkwood’s most iconic runs “The Wall” and it’s head-to-head action 4 athletes at a time, top-to-bottom, down a wide open course over natural terrain and snow conditions. This is the ultimate test of ski and riding skills. Open entry for 18 years old and up. Come take part in the fun and find out what you are made of.

KSEF / TJFS Jr. Freeride Series

This year Kirkwood is host to the Tahoe Junior Freeride Series. A 3-day big mountain celebration nestled in Devils Corral. TJFS is a regional series boasting over 120 competitors and four competitions. Each comp has a three day format with every competitor skiing/riding two runs over three days. There are no cuts after the first day. TJFS has four age categories: Girls 11-14, Girls 15-18, Boys 11-14, and Boys 15-18. In 2013, TJFS added two snowboarding categories, 11-14 and 15-18. Competitors can earn points from TJFS comps toward national IFSA ranking.

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