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Top Ten Reasons to Visit Lake Tahoe RIGHT NOW!

SNOW, SNOW and LOTS OF SNOW! When it comes to snow, size matters. During the first two weeks of January, Lake Tahoe has been blanketed by more than 200” of fresh snow, over 16 FEET! These historic storms have already broken a new record for January snowfall and the resorts surpassed their average snowfall totals for the season. And the typically snowy months of February and March still lie ahead!

Best Apps to Hit the Slopes

Looking to make the most out of your day on the slopes? There's an app for that. In fact, there's quite a few noteworthy mobile apps designed to enhance your experience on the mountain and make it easy to meet up with friends and family. And for the competitive crowd, there's plenty of ways to track your vertical and share your results via social media sites. Here's a quick look at a handful of apps worth downloading prior to hitting the slopes in Tahoe.

Non-Stop Flights to Non-Stop Fun

Sometimes the most challenging part of a trip is the mere act of getting there. Winter vacations compound that with the need for travelers to schlep all of the additional winter gear, skis or snowboards. However, this season making turns right off the tarmac just got easier for skiers and snowboarders headed to the slopes in Lake Tahoe.

Why Reno? Because it’s a Top 10 Destination for Your Budget!

ShermansTravel Blog recently released their Top 10 Budget Destinations of 2015 and Reno-Tahoe made the cut! The locations on the list were placed in no specific order, and Reno was chosen along with other places, such as Algarve, Portugal; Africa Safari Destinations; Kansas City, MO; Providence, RI; and Taipei, Taiwan...