When people hear the word “variety” used to describe Lake Tahoe, they typically think of the vast number of ski resorts or the endless nightlife and entertainment options. But the region is also a vibrant gathering place for yoga practitioners, massage therapists and wellness coaches given Lake Tahoe’s stunning natural beauty and the high concentration of outdoor-minded individuals.

The region is home to innovative bodywork studios, all-encompassing fitness centers, and luxurious spa facilities, with the cobalt blue waters of Lake Tahoe itself serving as an idyllic backdrop. Today’s skiers and snowboarder understand the importance of incorporating mindful pre-slopes stretching routines and post-ski recovery techniques to keep the body ready for the next all day shred session.

“Yoga creates increased flexibility and balance to help prevent injuries and to allow yogis to ascend to new levels in their sport,” said Jackie Worthingham, manager of Wanderlust Yoga Studio in Squaw Valley. “Yogi athletes are able to develop a deep connection between mind and body that not only elevates experience and performance of their sport but also their lives in general.”

The perfect option for non-skiers or group members looking to sneak in a relaxing down day during an action-packed winter vacation, here’s a rundown of some mindful ways to live in the now in Lake Tahoe.

WanderLust Yoga Squaw Valley

Train like the Olympians do! WanderLust Yoga Studio is located at the base of Squaw Valley offering a full spectrum of ski-focused sessions including Pre-Ski Flow classes designed for optimal performance on the hill and Apres Stretch courses to unwind and rejuvenate tired muscles. For those looking to find their True North, the annual Wanderlust Festival brings together the world’s leading yoga teachers, top musical acts and DJs, renowned chefs and winemakers to practice harmonious living in the breathtaking setting of Squaw Valley. Visit www.wanderlustyoga.com for more information.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Lake Tahoe

Located in a stunning mid-mountain setting at Northstar California, the Ritz-Carlton Spa is home to 17 luxurious treatment rooms, a state-of-the-art fitness center, heated lap pool overlooking the slopes, private whirlpools, dry-heat lodge, eucalyptus steam room and a cozy fireplace in the private restoration lounge. Their Apres-Ski Recovery treatment returns tight, aching muscles to peak condition as part of the 80-minute, tension-relieving session; includes a take-home Arnica Tumeric joint formula with extracts of ginger and frankincense. More details can be found at www.ritzcarlton.com.

Lake Tahoe Yoga

This welcoming studio in South Lake Tahoe centers around a community of practitioners who love the Tahoe lifestyle. Their Athlete Asana morning classes are designed to develop strength and awareness in preparation for a full day on the slopes while their Graceful Flow and Blissful Break apres ski classes allow the body to heat up after a cold day on the mountain. For more information, visit www.laketahoeyoga.com.

Stillwater Spa & Salon

Just as any sports car needs a regular tune-up, The Men’s Tune-Up treatment in the Stillwater Spa at the Hyatt Regency, Lake Tahoe is designed to get guys reved up for optimum performance. The package includes a 50-minute Mountain Man massage, 20-Minute Frank Sinatra facial, Paul Bunyan pedicure with scotch cocktail, customized lunch and an oversized robe and premium cigar to take home. Or if you are simply in need of a minor adjustment, the 50-minute Apres Ski Boot Relief massage will get you relaxed and ready for a big night on the town. Visit www.laketahoe.regency.hyatt.com for details.

Spa at Squaw Creek

Mindfulness is more than a buzzword at the Spa at Squaw Creek, and their all-encompassing approach to stress reduction includes the younger members of the family, as well. Parents often head to the spa to relax, unwind and achieve a sense of calm, why shouldn’t their kids be able to escape life’s everyday stresses, too? The Kids Chillax Sessions are designed to allow children to take the necessary time to slow down, relax and be mindful. The only rules: kids have to have fun, giggle and chillax! Click on www.squawcreek.com to learn the entire story.

Lake Tahoe Kombucha

Folk Brewing, an acronym for Flower Of Life Kombucha, recently opened its doors on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe. Capitalizing on the growing popularity of sparkling fermented teas, Lake Tahoe Kombucha is sourced from the pure, crystalline waters of Lake Tahoe itself then blended with organic teas, real cane sugar, SCOBY and a touch of brewer mojo. Carefully selected flower essences and medicinal herbs impart an ancient, energetic DNA to create a harmonic convergence of flavor, nutrition and higher consciousness. The result is a sparkling, naturally fermented, probiotic beverage that not only quenches the thirst but also delivers a delicious, healthful alternative to conventional sodas available in eight living elixirs. Discover more at www.folkbrewing.com.