Travel Nevada

A Super-Cool Snowshoe Trek in the Spring

Less than an hour from the Las Vegas valley, this mountain range rises thousands of fee above the Mojave Desert below…perfect for cooler temperatures in the boiling summer months, and a nice amount of powder during the wintertime

A World of Extremes

Some of the darkest skies in the nation? More ghost towns than populated towns? With s list of 20 epic surprises, you will surely want to pack your bags and rip up Nevada's backroads and backcountry immediately.

Dining in Nevada

Whether you’re enjoying the complex culinary innovations of a Michelin-rated restaurant, diving into the grilled-up goodness of a roadside eatery or sitting shoulder to shoulder with story-telling cowboys over some legendary Basque cuisine, Nevada’s menu is as diverse as it is delectable.

Sprung on Hot Springing in the Silver State

The next time you’re passing through the Silver State on a brisk winter day, take a sec to investigate some of the steamy goodness found in Nevada’s hot springs. With more than 300 hot springs statewide, this is one way of warming up that we so approve of...