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Mar 7th- Mar 8th Kirkwood Mountain Resort
Rahlves Banzai Tour at Kirkwood

The Rahlves’ Banzai Tour returns to Kirkwood this weekend promising high speed ski and snowboard racing action.   ...

Mar 14th Squaw Valley
Pain McShlonkey at Squaw Valley

Dress up in your most outrageous ski duds and come out to Squaw Valley for a day full of belly laughs, camaraderie and philanthropy in...

Mar 20th- Mar 22nd Squaw Valley
WinterWonderGrass Tahoe at Squaw Valley

WinterWonderGrass Tahoe is 3 days of world-class Bluegrass/Acoustic Roots music on three stages, California craft breweries and beer...

Mar 21st- Apr 11th Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort
Equinox Spring Festival at Sierra

Celebrate spring in the mountains at the Equinox Spring Festival with a concert series, events and more! Send out the season in style...

Mar 21st Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort
Sierra Jorts Party

Portland, OR band, Scott Pemberton will kick off the Equinox Spring Festival with an upbeat, funk-rock set, bringing sounds of the...

Mar 22nd Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort
Vans Hi-Standard Series at Sierra

As a leader in the snowboarding industry for over 20 years, Vans created the Vans Hi-Standard series to bring snowboarding "back to...

Mar 28th Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort
New Belgium's Slow Ride at Sierra

All-lady group, Rainbow Girls brings electric folk-rock music to Sierra on the second weekend of the music series. Inspired and untied,...

Apr 4th Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort
Sierra Pillow Fight

San Francisco's up and coming favorite, The Family Crest will wrap up the music series with baroque-pop music and family-sized band of...

Apr 4th Alpine Meadows
Annual Snow Golf Tournament at Alpine Meadows

Ditch the ski jacket for a collared shirt and khakis- Alpine Meadows’ Annual Snow Golf Tournament is back!   ...

Apr 5th Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort
8th Annual Salsa Showdown at Sierra

Keeping Sierra-at-Tahoe's quirky, laid-back vibe alive, the Salsa Showdown returns for the 8th time for a homemade salsa-tasting contest...

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