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Northstar at Tahoe Ski Resort

Women mountain biking at Northstar California

Pumps on Pedals

Mountain biking is my favorite way to pass the time until the snow falls. Despite the many miles on my cross-country bike, I’ve never been on a downhill bike, nor have I ridden at Northstar California’s mountain bike park. I left that to my boyfriend and his group of friends, adrenaline loving guys who had learned to repress their self-preservation instincts and fear of heights, big rocks, and potential injury.

Aug 11th 2014

Carve Tahoe at Northstar

Carve Tahoe returns to Northstar

Carve Tahoe returns to Northstar California this week as the best teams in the world compete for days on end to create incredibly impressive snow sculptures that will last for less than 48 hours before melting back into water. They come from around the world – Japan, The Netherlands, Mongolia, Germany, Finland, The Czech Republic, Canada, Wisconsin, and right here in Tahoe. They work day and night with saws, shovels and specialty tools on 20-ton blocks of compacted snow that start out looking like oversized sugar cubes and finish as masterpieces.

Jan 27th 2014

Fun at Northstar's Ice Rink & village

Ongoing Events at Northstar

With the holidays winding down people are returning to the daily grind, but the fun never ends at Northstar! Every week (and nearly every day) there is something fun and new happening either on the mountain or in the Village, giving people every excuse to make it back up there as soon as possible. With the holiday crowds gone, the coming weeks might be the perfect time to take a midweek escape. Here are some of the many ongoing events happening at Northstar:

Jan 5th 2014

New Years Eve at Northstar California

Holiday Celebrations at Northstar

Holiday cheer fills the air in the Village at Northstar. Christmas music sets a playful tone as families skate the ice rink, take laps in a horse-drawn sleigh, admire the decorated tree and enjoy the California sunshine. It’s not often we get the chance to come together to celebrate time with family and ring in a brand new year.

Dec 23rd 2013

Epic mix scavenger hunt

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt at Northstar

On Saturday March 17, Northstar California will hold their first ever St. Patrick’s Day EpicMix Scavenger Hunt & Après Party. The hunt starts at 1:30 p.m. and participants will hunt, compete challenges and solve St. Patrick’s Day riddles. Read on to find out what is in store.

Mar 13th 2012

Featured: Kevin Pearce, Danny Davis & Chas Guldemond at Northstar!

Pearce, Davis and Guldemond at Northstar

With an introduction from everyone's best Frend, Kevin Pearce, Northstar Pro Chas Guldemond and Danny Davis send it during their epic Jump and Airbag session this past week at Northstar.

Feb 27th 2012

Burton Academy Northstar

The Burton Academy at Northstar Trick Tip

The Burton Academy at Northstar Trick Tip #2: The Backside 180! One of the most classic, stylish tricks in the book, and a true must-have for anyone looking to progress in Park, Pipe, and All-Mountain Freestyle. Practice the Backside 180 every single day, and you'll quickly develop the ability to 180 off-of and over all sorts of terrain and obstacles around the mountain. Have fun, be safe, and Enjoy the Ride!
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Feb 14th 2012