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Explore Squaw Valley This August

Aug 6th 2012

Hiking at Squaw Valley

August is here and summer is far from being over at Squaw Valley! Fun-filled events and activities for the entire family await you at Squaw. First on the agenda is the Perseid Meteor Shower campout that comes around every summer in late July early August. What are the Perseids you ask? On this particular night, the moon is a thin sliver- creating the best night sky for viewing. Some say that the Perseids are the best meteor shower all year long where you can see 50 meteors every hour! Where is the best place to view these amazing streaks of light this August 13th? Right here at High Camp set at el. 8200’. Imagine camping out with your family underneath the stars, looking through magnificent telescopes and being instructed by professionals on how to scout the meteors. The campout also includes a continental breakfast before stargazers download the tram the following morning. This campout does sell out, so make sure to reserve your families spot today by calling 800-403-0206.

Perseid Meteor Shower | Photo Keoki FlaggOne of my favorite places to hike in Tahoe is Shirley Canyon, which starts behind the Tram building in the Village. Shirley Canyon boasts giant granite rocks, gushing waterfalls and at the end- a rewarding small alpine lake where you can cool off and relax. After, hike up to High Camp where you can take in the breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe at el. 8200’ and download the Tram for free.

Join in on one of our complimentary guided hikes every Friday-Sunday through September 9th. Ride the scenic Aerial Tram where you will start your adventure. Take in the beauty of the meadows exploding with wildflowers and the surrounding peaks of Squaw and Lake Tahoe serve as your backdrop. While on your hike, let ouur experienced guides fill you in on their extensive knowledge of the area and the history of Squaw Valley.

rightPerhaps you’re seeking more adventure? If that is the case, grab your friends and engage in a game of paintball along the granite ridgeline. Here, you’ll be able to go back to your basic instincts of survival and have a friendly shoot out. The unique part about our 2 courses is that they are situated in one of the most scenic places around- making the experience much more amazing! See if your buddies can hang this summer.

Join us this August for mountaintop fun and adventure at Squaw Valley. We’ll be soaking up the sun and enjoying the scenic beauty right along with you!

Perseid Meteor Shower Image by Keoki Flagg

Guest Post provided by Squaw Valley

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