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Winter Returns to Sugar Bowl Resort

Oct 29th 2013

October powder turns at Sugar Bowl Resort

One of the many things I love about Tahoe is just how fast one season ends as another begins. This past weekend we all enjoyed summer-like temps on Friday and Saturday, a blustery autumn day on Sunday, and then full-on winter come Monday. Mountain biking one day, powder skiing the next.

With over two feet of new snow here at Sugar Bowl ( a whopping .05% of our 500” season average), the powder hounds returned, hiking Mt. Lincoln for some early season turns. And as it turns out, the turns were pretty good. This photo was taken on October 28th on Hellman’s Chute, just below the peak of Mt. Lincoln. And while it’s certainly nice to look at, truth be told it made me feel a little bit lazy, considering I was sitting at my desk, a mere 1,500 vertical feet below the peak, with no good excuse as to why I wasn’t out there myself. But such is the name of the game for a marketing department during fall, with the frantic deadlines and catchy ads and glossy photos to promote the season ahead.

And speaking of deadlines, Halloween is the last day to get your Sugar Bowl-Royal Gorge season pass at the lowest price of the year, so don’t wait. The old joke up here in the mountains says “fall is my favorite week”, but truth be told we all enjoyed a beautiful autumn this year…I’m just glad it’s over. Check out more photos (and get your season pass) by visiting www.SugarBowl.com.

Post provided by our friends at Sugar Bowl Resort.

Photo: Grant Barta

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