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What's Your Line?

Jan 16th 2013

Skier at Squaw Valley

I don’t mean your pick-up line. This isn’t a “Hey, baby, what’s your sign?” kind of line. I mean YOUR line. The line that, when you rip it, you feel like you own the world.

Is it carving Lake View with the kids? Or without for that matter? Maybe you love Women’s Downhill or Jonny Moseley’s favorite run, now called Moseley’s Run. But, back when Jonny started skiing it, it was called the West Face.

Maybe you zip around Shirley Lake’s tree runs. How about the parks? Is your favorite thing stomping that landing?

The real fun is in the adventure of finding your line. Sometimes your line depends on your posse. Skiing with the kids and it’s Siberia Bowl. Skiing with your boyfriend maybe it is Headwall Face. Snowboarding with your girlfriend?

Maybe you hike the Palisades. (Guys: a note here. Don’t be embarrassed when your girlfriend is a faster and better rider than you. It happens here. A lot.)

The point is go find your line. Enjoy it. Repeat it. Share it. And you’ll be the one with the good story over dinner.

Sound like an expensive habit? Ski and snowboard every nook and cranny of the two best ski resorts in Lake Tahoe? Could be. I submit, however, that it’s cheaper and better than any counseling session. More fun, too.

It’s a habit that you don’t need to break. In fact, it’s one that you need to share. Sound like it could take weeks, months, maybe even a lifetime to choose your line? That’s true! So, you better get started.

You could buy lift tickets every time you seek your line. After all, they are good at both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. The best way, though, to go about this is to get your Tahoe Super 4. You’ll get four unrestricted days at Squaw and Alpine, and the best part, you save some cash too. Like $16 a day- what a deal!

What’s my line? When I’m with my daughter Women’s Downhill. She’s nine and I feel I’ve arrived as a parent when I see her make tight controlled turns down this run-thank you ski school! When I’m with the girls it’s East Face. When I’m with the hubby anywhere in Granite Chief (I know that’s not really a line, but it’s so good back there I can’t decide). When I’m on my lunch break Poulsen’s Gulley. And when I’m flying solo, and the conditions are just right, Hogsback. Again and again and again.

Get out there and find your line. And maybe it’s not such a bad pick-up line after all.

Photo: Hank deVre. Skier at Squaw Valley taken Dec. 31, 2012. 

Guest post provided by our friends at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows

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