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Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort: The Place to Learn!

Feb 28th 2011

Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort is known as “the place to learn” in Lake Tahoe. Sierra Resort offers a friendly and laidback atmosphere where people can experience sliding on snow, the wind in their face and the fresh mountain air.

New this season our beginner terrain has two new carpet conveyor lifts that make getting to the top of the beginner hill a breeze, so skiers and riders can focus their energy on learning to come down the mountain instead of worrying how they are going to get up.

The carpets are part of Sierra Resort’s new expanded beginner terrain, called Easy Street, which consists of 11 total acres of sculpted smart terrain. Smart terrain is aimed at helping improve the learning curve for beginners. Imagine training wheels for your skis and you can begin to understand what smart terrain is all about. The gently banked turns and shaped features naturally guide skiers and snowboarders into turns and stops so that they are able to learn the fundamentals of skiing and riding more quickly.

In addition to great beginner terrain Sierra also offers a financially friendly $35 beginner package, designed for first time skiers and riders. The package includes rentals, a lift ticket, and a two and a half hour lesson. The package gives people an opportunity to ski or snowboard for less than going out to dinner and a movie, and in our opinion is way more fun!

Sierra also boasts the Wild Mountain Children’s Center. Wild Mountain gives children a chance to explore Sierra's winter wonderland! The children’s programs are categorized by age and ability level, which ensure your kids get the most out of their mountain experience and have fun! From adventure zones to terrain parks, your kids will leave with a love for the snow.

If you have beginners in your group or have only been skiing once or twice make sure to visit Sierra Resort. We proudly embrace the title as “the place to learn” and are out to turn beginners into world-class athletes while having a ton of fun along the way. For more information make sure to visit www.sierraattahoe.com.

Sierra Adult Ski and Snowboard School

Sierra Wild Mountain Children’s Center and Ski School

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