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Carve Tahoe returns to Northstar

Jan 27th 2014

Carve Tahoe at Northstar

Carve Tahoe returns to Northstar California this week as the best teams in the world compete for days on end to create incredibly impressive snow sculptures that will last for less than 48 hours before melting back into water. They come from around the world – Japan, The Netherlands, Mongolia, Germany, Finland, The Czech Republic, Canada, Wisconsin, and right here in Tahoe. They work day and night with saws, shovels and specialty tools on 20-ton blocks of compacted snow that start out looking like oversized sugar cubes and finish as masterpieces.

Judges will score the sculptures on Saturday and present the winners at the Saturday night viewing party. There will also be a viewer’s choice winner for which guests can vote with donations at each sculpture. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe.

It’s a beautiful process – snow to art to liquid – and you can watch it all unfold. Sponsors Sapporo Beer and Finlandia Vodka will be pouring while live music plays at the viewing parties Friday and Saturday nights. Each night the sculptures will be highlighted with multi-colored lighting, creating a mystical feel around each of the eight massive sculptures. To get a feel for what this event is like, check out the video from last year, and make plans to get to Northstar this weekend to meet the sculptors and see these beautiful works of art for yourself.

The best times to view the sculptures will be Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday morning. Due to warm temperatures there’s no guarantee that the sculptures will last into Sunday.  For more info, visit www.northstarcalifornia.com.


Carve Tahoe Returns to Northstar from Northstar California Videos on Vimeo.


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