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The Burton Academy at Northstar Trick Tip

Feb 14th 2012

Burton Academy Northstar

The Burton Academy at Northstar Trick Tip #2: The Backside 180! One of the most classic, stylish tricks in the book, and a true must-have for anyone looking to progress in Park, Pipe, and All-Mountain Freestyle. Practice the Backside 180 every single day, and you'll quickly develop the ability to 180 off-of and over all sorts of terrain and obstacles around the mountain. Have fun, be safe, and Enjoy the Ride!
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The Burton Academy at Northstar Trick Tip: The Backside 180 from Northstar California Videos on Vimeo.

The Academy:
The Burton Snowboard Academy at Northstar is the only one of its kind in the world! We strive to make snowboarding simple to learn and fun for everyone, utilizing highly-trained coaches, specially-designed terrain, unparalleled methodology, and a phenomenal learning facility to build the most interactive, fun and full-immersion learning environment ever created.

The Burton Academy at Northstar breaks down all aspects of snowboarding into simple, easy-to-accomplish steps that enable each of our riders to achieve their goals. Our goal is to help you learn to shred and fall in love with the culture of snowboarding. We believe that snowboarding will change your life, and we hope you come give us a chance to help you learn to shred!

Guest post provided by our friends at Northstar California. 

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