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Behind the scenes with the Homewood terrain park crew

Feb 26th 2014

Homewood Rail Jam Snowboarder

It's every shredder's dream to spend a season building features, welding your own rails and driving Pisten Bully snowcats…

Not to mention the 12-14 hour grind shifts that allow for plenty of spare time. Relying on Mother Nature to bring snow to Tahoe at the right time is never an issue, so everything always goes according to plan…

The Marketing Department always has a never ending list of tasks that they want done, so you’re never bored. And on top of that, the long days and strenuous physical labor makes for a great workout plan.

Sounds easy right?

Meet Homewood Mountain Resort's Terrain Park Manager, Preston Ballati. After 14 years in the industry, Preston embraces this unique lifestyle and welcomes the challenges that Mother Nature, Marketing, Mountain Ops, and Risk Management throws at him.

Preston Balatti at Homewood

He and his team are behind the scenes working day and night so we may enjoy Lake Tahoe's most beautiful terrain parks. With jaw dropping lake views from every terrain park, it's no secret why they love working at Homewood.

Preston's day starts as the sun rises over Lake Tahoe and ends just a few hours before it is time to head back to work. Terrain parks require constant upkeep and devoted attention. After the park is groomed, each feature gets carefully raked and shaped to ensure that the takeoffs and landings are perfect. After that, it is time to test the product.

Preston Balatti testing his work

Park laps anyone?

Homewood currently has two parks open: Kolby's Escape is our advanced park, with a boarder cross track, two jumps and three features. The Happy Park is our beginner park for smaller shredders and those working up to bigger features.

And if you were here for Homewood's 2nd Annual Rail Jam on Saturday, February 22, you got to see the fruits of the Terrain Park crew’s labor, including three new rails that were added to the resort’s arsenal of features. Two hand rails and a 27-foot goal post were custom built for the Rail Jam, at which over 30 competitors showed up from all over the Basin to try and earn their spot on the podium. Each competitor brought their A game and we saw everything from back rodeos to front flips. We even had snow skaters wowing the crowd stomping incredibly difficult tricks.

Post and photos provided by Homewood Mountain Resort



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