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Giving Thanks at Sugar Bowl

Nov 21st 2013

New Snow at Sugar Bowl November 2013

One of my favorite traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday festivities is when everyone at the table takes a couple quick minutes to tell everyone else at the table what it is they’re thankful for and why.

A few years back, however, as I was expounding upon my appreciation for the plentiful early-season snow, my brand new skis and recently acquired season pass, I looked to my left in a polite nod toward the next person up, only to realize it was my brand new wife, who was giving me a look that I had yet to see before, and thankfully have never seen since. Point being, don’t miss the opportunity to give deep and meaningful thanks for the truly important things in life this holiday season…especially if it happens to be in front of a room full of friends.

I’m pleased to report that, since then, I’ve had nine great years of directing my annual Thanksgiving appreciation toward a certain special someone, and with that securely in place I can now safely give HUGE thanks for recent winter storms dropping healthy amounts of new snow here at Sugar Bowl, as it’s greatly helping the cause toward a deep and meaningful opening day.

So this coming Thursday, in addition to prudently covering your bases, give thanks for the season ahead, complete with the new Crow’s Peak chairlift, XC skiing at Royal Gorge, and of course plentiful snow. Stay tuned to SugarBowl.com for info & updates on opening day!

Guest post and photo provided by our friends at Sugar Bowl


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