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Ask a Local: Todd Offenbacher

Dec 2nd 2013

Todd Offenbacher | Tahoe Adventure Film Festival

For the latest in our Ask A Local blog series we spoke with long-time local personality Todd Offenbacher. Todd is the founder and director of the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival (TAFF), a fun high-energy film festival designed to “fuel your passion for action, and ignite your senses for adventure”. This annual event highlights the best adventure sports films of the year and showcases the action sports world’s best talent in a fast-paced setting that has been known to include dancers, DJs and more than a few surprises. In addition to throwing a great party (this year’s event is December 14), he is also a world-class climber and guide, as well as a Lake Tahoe TV on-air host.

What brought you to Tahoe? Two things - the skiing and the climbing. The Sierra Nevada Mountains plus the incredible amounts of snow and amazingly nice bluebird weather we get here make for unforgettable winters. I used to take trips out here to ski, as well as plenty of trips to Yosemite to climb. I wanted to move to the Sierra Nevada, which I believe has the best granite rock climbing in the world. But I had to decide where to live, and how to figure out how I could make it work.

Ultimately I was able to find out how to make Lake Tahoe work. I love the community, the lifestyle and the amount of other activities we have here. Think great music acts, comedy clubs, nightlife – these are unique to have in a mountain town. There’s a yin-yang to Lake Tahoe, and this side of it offers a lot more to locals and visitors alike.

The best thing I ever did in my life was to move to Lake Tahoe.

Ski or Snowboard? I am a skier. I have never snowboarded. There is no real reason behind it. I always thought I would try it at some point, as it looks like it would be really fun.

Describe an ideal winter’s day. It would have to be that classic big Sierra cold February storm. The kind that dumps 3-4 feet of snow, and then in the middle of the night the high pressure follows it, so that it gets clear and cold and dries out the snow. You wake up the next morning, and there’s four feet of fresh snow on the ground and not a cloud in the sky. That’s my perfect Tahoe winter’s day.

What is one place a visitor can't miss while here? You have to get out on the lake and see Lake Tahoe from that perspective. That is what truly makes this place unique. The beach experience, the ability to paddle around the lake in the summer, or go from skiing to a boat cruise in the same day is not something you find anywhere else.

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Posted by Jenn Gleckman 

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