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Ask a Local: Bryan Allegretto

Sep 27th 2013

Bryan Allegretto Open Snow Tahoe Weather Forecaster

Today marks the first post in our new series, “Ask a Local”. There is no shortage of interesting folks who call Tahoe home, and we’re curious what brought them here, why they stay, and where we’re most likely to see them skiing and riding. With winter approaching, we figured we’d things off with local weather forecaster Bryan Allegretto.

Bryan is a partner and Tahoe Forecaster at OpenSnow.com, a weather forecasting site for skiers and snowboarders. He is also the founder of TahoeWeatherDiscussion.com, and has made a name for himself as the go-to guy for long-range snowfall predictions for the Lake Tahoe ski region. Over the past 7 seasons he has used his storm tracking skills to track down the powder dumps for the Lake Tahoe region. His forecasting accuracy has gained him a spot as one of the region’s best forecasters. 

So what brought you to Tahoe? Loving the outdoors and snowboarding brought me to the mountains; being obsessed with snow brought me to Tahoe specifically. I was at a point in my life where I was free to move to the place I saw received multiple feet of snow at a time on the weather media so I could be in it instead of reading about it.

Ski or Snowboard? I skied until the age of 16 as my dad was a skier and taught me from a young age. Growing up on the beach however I was immersed in the board sport culture of surfing and skateboarding, and so switching over to snowboarding was a natural progression of the other two sports. Having spent most of my life in the water on a surfboard before moving to Lake Tahoe, I think it comes through in my style of riding. I surf the mountain and on a big powder day it's like riding an endless wave.

Describe your ideal winter’s day. My ideal winter day is waking up to an overnight dump of a foot of snow, the skies are clearing, and it's cold out. I get to the mountain early enough for first chair and spend the day moving around the mountain chasing fresh tracks. Of course this would be a weekday and not over Christmas week.

What is one place a visitor can't miss while here? The obvious big attraction is the lake so I would be sure to get in a day of skiing on one of the smaller ski resorts like Homewood where you can get some of the most amazing views of Lake Tahoe.

Got a question for Bryan? Let us know in the comments.

Posted by Jenn Gleckman 


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