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Spring at Alpine Meadows - You've Got it Good!

Apr 11th 2011

Spring skiing at Alpine Meadows

Spring at Alpine Meadows is a time of year to celebrate the fact that, yep – we’ve got it GOOD. It’s not an opinion; it’s fact. Let’s have a look at those facts: there’s more than 20 feet of perfect spring snow on the mountain; most are skiing or riding with a $99 Spring Pass, so they’re clocking day after day throughout April and May for less than the cost of most anything fun; then there’s the live music playing every weekend, a bevy of hilarious events and parties; sumptuous barbecue fare to enjoy while kicking back in an Adirondack chair with a cold one… those heavy cold-weather layers remain in the closet, and out comes the t-shirts, spring gloves (if any at all), extra sunscreen, and for the brave-yet-hailed- minority, swimsuits for hitting the slopes. Again, these are the plain facts of what it’s like at Alpine during spring.
Think we’re kidding? Think again: the Ice Bar Ski Boots & Swimsuits Bash is on the books for Sunday, April 17. Other spring events, if you’re not quite comfy donning that Speedo just yet, are just as fun. The Alpine Meadows Snow Golf Tournament is set for Saturday, April 23 – free to enter, the course is top-to-bottom. Alpine provides the clubs (unless you bring your own), and tennis balls; and skiing or snowboarding between putting greens is more fun than speeding on fairways in a golf cart. And Alpine’s annual Mad Cow Downhill is a not-to-be-missed celebration of speed for both competitors and onlookers. Also free to enter, this top-to-bottom no-holds-barred downhill inspires skiers and riders to tune up those longboards.
The Spring Concert Series presented by RE/MAX brings bands to Alpine like Aphrolicious, Drop Theory, Mamas Cookin’, and Slugs & Roses – all shows are free. Plus, the Alpine Meadows Bandwagon – the snow cat/band stage hybrid which travels to any mountain location to host live music – is just plain cool.
Combine all these fun events with the California sunshine, the amazing aroma of sunscreen and barbecue wafting through the air (which by the way should be a patented perfume scent), and Alpine’s world-famous spring snow and anyone can agree: we’ve got it good.

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