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2015/16 Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Job Fairs

Admit it. You there, sitting gazing at the screen. We know you’re thinking about winter and counting down to your next snowboard vacation. Why wait for vacation? Why not come work (and live) at Lake Tahoe, where you can enjoy the 400 inches of snow and 300 days of sunshine firsthand?

You’re in luck – the Lake Tahoe ski resorts are hiring for the 2015/16 winter season. Positions range from lift operations to food and beverage (and a lot more). Check out the links below for details.

Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows: There will be TWO Winter Hiring Fairs for both ski resorts for 2015/16, October 24 and November 7. Both will be held at Olympic House in The Village at Squaw Valley from 9am-2pm. An online application is required before interviewing.

Sierra-at-Tahoe: Sierra’s job fair will be Saturday, November 7th at the Main Lodge from 9am – 2pm.

Northstar California: Northstar has not yet announced a job fair date, but you can review their open positions online and submit a job application.

Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe: Mt. Rose is accepting applications for winter employment. Online applications can be found on

Heavenly: Heavenly has not yet announced a job fair date, but you can review their open positions online and submit a job application.

Kirkwood: Kirkwood has not yet announced a job fair date, but you can peruse open positions, ranging from restaurant managers to ski school, online. Applications must be submitted online beforehand at

Sugar Bowl: The Hiring Fair is October 24th from 9am – 3pm at the Mt. Judah Day Lodge. Online applications must be submitted beforehand.

Homewood: The 2015/16 Hiring Fair is Saturday, November 21st from 10am – 1pm at North Lodge. Applications must be submitted beforehand.

Photo: Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe

Todd Offenbacher

Ask a Local – Todd Offenbacher

For the latest in our Ask A Local blog series we spoke with long-time local personality Todd Offenbacher. Todd is the founder and director of the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival (TAFF), a fun high-energy film festival designed to “fuel your passion for action, and ignite your senses for adventure”. This annual event highlights the best adventure sports films of the year and showcases the action sports world’s best talent in a fast-paced setting that has been known to include dancers, DJs and more than a few surprises. In addition to throwing a great party (this year’s event is December 11 at MontBleu), he is also a world-class climber and guide, as well as a Lake Tahoe TV on-air host.

What brought you to Tahoe? Two things – the skiing and the climbing. The Sierra Nevada Mountains plus the incredible amounts of snow and amazingly nice bluebird weather we get here make for unforgettable winters. I used to take trips out here to ski, as well as plenty of trips to Yosemite to climb. I wanted to move to the Sierra Nevada, which I believe has the best granite rock climbing in the world. But I had to decide where to live, and how to figure out how I could make it work.

Ultimately I was able to find out how to make Lake Tahoe work. I love the community, the lifestyle and the amount of other activities we have here. Think great music acts, comedy clubs, nightlife – these are unique to have in a mountain town. There’s a yin-yang to Lake Tahoe, and this side of it offers a lot more to locals and visitors alike.

The best thing I ever did in my life was to move to Lake Tahoe.

Ski or Snowboard? I am a skier. I have never snowboarded. There is no real reason behind it. I always thought I would try it at some point, as it looks like it would be really fun.

Describe an ideal winter’s day. It would have to be that classic big Sierra cold February storm. The kind that dumps 3-4 feet of snow, and then in the middle of the night the high pressure follows it, so that it gets clear and cold and dries out the snow. You wake up the next morning, and there’s four feet of fresh snow on the ground and not a cloud in the sky. That’s my perfect Tahoe winter’s day.

What is one place a visitor can’t miss while here? You have to get out on the lake and see Lake Tahoe from that perspective. That is what truly makes this place unique. The beach experience, the ability to paddle around the lake in the summer, or go from skiing to a boat cruise in the same day is not something you find anywhere else.

Corey Rich photographer

Ask a Local – Corey Rich

Corey Rich is a Photographer, Director and DP at Corey Rich Productions, as well as co-owner and Vice President at Aurora Photos and Novus Select. He is considered one of the most recognized visual storytellers of adventure sports and outdoor lifestyle. Over the last two decades Corey has combined his creativity, athleticism and burning desire for exploration to capture some of the wildest places on earth, and has documented some of the world’s greatest athletes in extreme locations spanning the globe, such as alpine climbing in Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains and snowboarding in Papua New Guinea. Corey’s work has been featured in a host of top editorial publications, and he has directed and shot still and motion campaigns for some of the most innovative companies of our time. He has also created many photographs for Ski Lake Tahoe (including those on this website).

With a resume like that, he could live anywhere, but has chosen Lake Tahoe as his home. So we were really excited when he agreed to let us interview him for our Ask A Local series.

What brought you to Tahoe? As many great journeys begin, I was chasing a girl. Ironically I chased a girl to Sacramento, California. And I found myself living in downtown Sacramento and traveling a lot for my job, because very little of my job takes place in cities. I found that every free moment of time I was driving up to South Lake Tahoe to climb and play in the mountains and visit my friends.

Eventually the relationship petered out and I moved to South Lake Tahoe. It was a moment in time where I could have literally chosen anywhere in the country that was relatively close to an airport. But I decided that the geographic location (of Lake Tahoe) was the best in the world. It was close to Yosemite at the northern end of the Sierra Nevada Mountains – it’s as good as it gets. Great snow, amazing rock, fantastic trails, a lake to swim in and amazing friends.

And as the irony would go, I moved to South Lake Tahoe, and years later fell in love with my wife while living here. It’s not really the norm to fall in love with a woman in a ski town, but I got lucky.

Skier or snowboarder? I’m a skier. I’ve always loved skiing. I learned to ski when I was a kid. The older I got and the more I photographed and filmed in the mountains, the more I realized the value of skiing. You’re incredibly mobile and the ability to traverse, step up, and step down the hill to get into that perfect position is much more plausible when on skis than on a snowboard. That said I have many fantastic friends who are snowboarders!

Describe an ideal winter’s day. For me that ideal winter day actually starts the night before, when you have a foot of snow falling an hour (or close to that), and you look out the window and realize that there’s 24 inches of cold fresh snow and you check the thermometer and it’s in the 20s. At that moment I begin staging the athletes I’ll be photographing the next morning, and alerting the ski resorts as to where we want to shoot on the mountain. And at that point I’m prepping gear and getting ready for an amazing day. Of course the weather check is the final element. It’s not just that we want 24-36 inches of cold snow overnight, but blue skies the next morning.

When all of that comes together and I’m standing on the mountain at sunrise with some of my best friends and amazing athletes, doing what I love, which is taking pictures in the Lake Tahoe basin looking at my backyard that’s when I feel like the luckiest guy on earth. And of course that day ends with drinking beers in one of our local pubs in town, and today the final end to that day is hugging my wife and our little daughter Leila Rich.

What is one place a visitor can’t miss while here? The Divided Sky is one the great hangs of South Lake Tahoe for drinking a cold beer and catching up with friends. And of course you need to ski tour somewhere in the Hope Valley region.

Northern CA precip map

Ask a Local – Bryan Allegretto

This marks first post in our Ask a Local series. There is no shortage of interesting folks who call Tahoe home, and we’re curious what brought them here, why they stay, and where we’re most likely to see them skiing and riding. With winter approaching, we figured we’d things off with local weather forecaster Bryan Allegretto.

Bryan is a partner and Tahoe Forecaster at, a weather forecasting site for skiers and snowboarders. He is also the founder of, and has made a name for himself as the go-to guy for long-range snowfall predictions for the Lake Tahoe ski region. Over the past ten plus seasons he has used his storm tracking skills to track down the powder dumps for the Lake Tahoe region. His forecasting accuracy has gained him recognition as one of the region’s best forecasters.

So what brought you to Tahoe? Loving the outdoors and snowboarding brought me to the mountains; being obsessed with snow brought me to Tahoe specifically. I was at a point in my life where I was free to move to the place I saw received multiple feet of snow at a time on the weather media so I could be in it instead of reading about it.

Ski or Snowboard? I skied until the age of 16 as my dad was a skier and taught me from a young age. Growing up on the beach however I was immersed in the board sport culture of surfing and skateboarding, and so switching over to snowboarding was a natural progression of the other two sports. Having spent most of my life in the water on a surfboard before moving to Lake Tahoe, I think it comes through in my style of riding. I surf the mountain and on a big powder day it’s like riding an endless wave.

Describe your ideal winter’s day. My ideal winter day is waking up to an overnight dump of a foot of snow, the skies are clearing, and it’s cold out. I get to the mountain early enough for first chair and spend the day moving around the mountain chasing fresh tracks. Of course this would be a weekday and not over Christmas week.

What is one place a visitor can’t miss while here? The obvious big attraction is the lake so I would be sure to get in a day of skiing on one of the smaller ski resorts like Homewood where you can get some of the most amazing views of Lake Tahoe.

Amy McCormick skiing a groomed run

Ask a Local – Amy McCormick

Skiing and snowboarding are often seen as sports dominated by men. So we’re pleased to interview a woman in this edition of our Ask A Local blog series. Amy McCormick is a long-time local whose passion for skiing is clearly evidenced in her career. She is a member of the K2 Ski Alliance, works in marketing at Heavenly Mountain Resort, and is also an Expedition Guide specializing in women’s clinics at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.

What brought you to Tahoe? I moved to Tahoe to actually finish my AA degree at Lake Tahoe Community College because I’ve always loved this place and used to spend my summers here, and figured I would spend a quarter up here finishing it before I moved got into a real school. That was 21 years ago. I did finish my AA degree and applied to a bunch of schools, and ended up getting into Sierra Nevada College (in Incline Village). So I decided that it wasn’t time for me to leave. After I graduated from college I decided to become a ski instructor for a year before I got a ‘real’ job. And I’ve been here ever since.

Why do you call Tahoe home? It’s the lifestyle, it’s the people, and it’s the quality of life I have here. I love it here, year round, every season. There are so many things to do here, and while I live for the winter, the summers here are amazing.

Skier or snowboarder? I’m a skier. I taught myself how to ski when I was eight at Squaw Valley. I was on a school ski trip, and my mom had given me money to take a lesson, and I didn’t take the lesson, as I believed I could figure it out on my own. I started out on Searchlight at Squaw Valley, which by the way is *not* a beginner run. I was with a friend who knew how to ski, so she taught me how to get on and off the ski lift, and I decided that I could figure the rest out. At that point I realized that this was the coolest thing ever. There was something about skiing that made me realize that I always wanted to be a skier.

It’s been really rewarding to teach skiing – I’ve taught women’s clinics at Kirkwood for about 10 years now. The momentum in the women’s ski world is picking up, and there are a lot of women who want to learn to ski that scary off-piste terrain and not just take a women’s clinic focused on perfecting turns. It’s about giving women a bag of tricks to use while they are skiing variable terrain, building their confidence, and showing them that they can do it if they are in the right environment. That’s the coolest thing about teaching. It’s so awesome to watch women and girls push themselves, taking them through a steep chute and showing them what they skied at the bottom.

Describe an ideal winter’s day. It would be a sunny blue bird midweek powder day with my best girlfriends, where we laugh, get goofy and just have an all-around good time. Most of the time we end up at the bar at the end of the day, but skiing with a great group of friends can make even the worst day of skiing great no matter what.

What’s one place a visitor can’t miss while here? I have to say the view from the top of the Heavenly Gondola. Even though I get to experience it all the time, it never ceases to amaze me. It really is that awesome.

Tahoelab founders in action

Ask a Local – TahoeLab

Entrepreneurs and mountain towns are not as oxymoronic as you might think. Maybe it’s the scenery or something in the water, but there are a number of burgeoning businesses in the basin. We were intrigued by one such new company, Tahoelab, created by local riders Abe Greenspan and Lee Collins. We were curious what brought them here, and what prompted them to start a snowboard and splitboard company.

Why do you call Tahoe home?
Abe Greenspan: Tahoe has the best of all worlds. It offers four unique seasons and often times enjoying two seasons in the same day isn’t out of the question. Lake Tahoe is the easiest place on the planet to experience all things outdoors. Both of us call this place home because we thrive in a place where getting outside and biking, climbing, skiing, hiking, swimming, and just enjoying the Sierra sunshine is as easy as stepping out of the office or our home. Tahoe is our secret ingredient to keeping sanity and being happy people. Without happiness what is there?! We wanted our workspace as close to our playground as possible.

Lee Collins: I came to Tahoe after college because I wanted to challenge myself in some big mountains. I grew up on the East Coast in a resort area similar area to Lake Tahoe but was always looking to bigger mountains out west. I’ve skied and snowboarded since before I can remember and wanted to live in the midst of world-class terrain.

Tahoelab's Abe Greenspan sending it at Kirkwood

Abe Greenspan sending it on a Tahoelab board at Kirkwood

Why Tahoelab?
AG: We started Tahoelab because we are both passionate about the outdoors, in particular snowboarding and splitboarding. The last few seasons the two of us, as backcountry partners, have put in countless hours climbing up and descending peaks all over the Sierra. There is something beyond description about being in the mountains with your close friends. For us we experienced a euphoria we felt was often because of our remoteness in the wilderness. That euphoria was often crushed when we experienced gear issues. When your gear breaks, your feelings are flipped in an instant. The two of us were sick of breaking boards and overall unsatisfied with what we were riding. On an Eastern Sierra tour last winter we both decided gear failure would be no more and if things broke it would be our fault. We decided to go all in and create Tahoelab. The company would focus to create lasting snowboards and splitboards that were made in our own community. The two of us come from race backgrounds and have both spent many years tuning skis. We knew we had the knowledge; all we had to do was pull the trigger and do it! The rest has been hard work, lonely girlfriends, and measuring twice and cutting once.

LC: Tahoelab was born out of a frustration with the current options available on the snowboard (and specifically splitboard) market. I’m a bigger guy than your average snowboarder and wanted a big board in a shape that would accommodate my style of riding. I also like the idea of having the equipment, materials and knowledge to build exactly the board I want to ride.

Describe an ideal winter’s day.
AG: There is a perfect day for every season, so giving just a winter example wouldn’t be fair for the other seasons. Of course, the iconic Tahoe winter day starts with the alignment of a slider from the north and the pineapple express delivering 18- 34 inches. It comes overnight and the next day pops. Blue skies and lots of face shots would be the expectation. Perfect days occur time and time again when you have the perfect location. Summer and fall offer perfect mountain biking and climbing conditions. The long days and mild temps provide perfect opportunities to make your wildest adventure dream come true. There is no better place to be than Lake Tahoe.

LC: I love how powerful the weather can be in Tahoe. An ideal winter’s day for me would involve being woken by the avalanche bombs going off on Echo Summit, always a sign that it has snowed a lot overnight. It’s still snowing as I head to the mountain but it’s not so windy that the lifts are closed. It’s snowing so hard all day that you can barely see two turns ahead and my tracks are filled back in every run. By four pm I’m soaking wet, my legs feel like jelly, and I’m smiling all the way home because tomorrow it’s going to clear up and I can go out in the backcountry.

What’s one place a visitor can’t miss while here?
AG: Everyone will tell a visitor that has never been to Lake Tahoe that Emerald Bay is the holy grail of Tahoe and you will have to go there. It is a great place with spectacular views, but to get real perspective on how big the Lake is, Cave Rock is the place to go. It’s not about standing on the water’s edge, to experience the Lake in its biggest form, it’s about standing above it. Climb to the top of the iconic Cave Rock buttress via the foot trail from the south. Get to the top, spread your arms like wings, and feel free as a bird. This is also a spectacular place to watch a real Sierra storm roll into the basin. It’s not to be missed!

LC: Of course the scenery is amazing but one of the things I most appreciate about Tahoe is the variety of small businesses in the basin. I love that there is no Walmart or Target nearby and there are tons of great independent stores that give Tahoe its local flavor. From coffee shops like Tahoe House or Hot Gossip to restaurants like Sprouts or Jalisco’s to sporting goods shops like Sports LTD, Tahoe Dave’s or Wattabike there are plenty of opportunities for a visitor to meet some of the people that make Tahoe unique.

Women skiers and snowboarders at Kirkwood

Ask a Local – Stories from Lake Tahoe

Approximately 65,000 people live in the Lake Tahoe basin. Who are these people, and (with apologies to the Talking Heads), how did they get here? What is it about Tahoe that encouraged them to set down roots and stay for a while?

We set out to learn more by creating our Ask a Local blog series. Through it we’ve heard the stories of entrepreneurs, artists, ski professionals, and dreamers. Some deliberately planned to come to Tahoe, while many ended up here by accident. The common theme throughout is that they all love Lake Tahoe in winter. We learned how they ended up here, why they’ve stayed, what their perfect winter day looks and feels like, and what you can’t miss while you’re here.

Below is a list of the archived interviews. Check back, as we’ll be updating this regularly.
Bryan Allegretto, Forecaster, Open Snow
Lee Collins, Co-founder, TahoeLab
Keoki Flagg, Fine Art Photographer
Abe Greenspan, Co-founder, TahoeLab
Amy McCormick, K2 Ski Alliance
Todd Offenbacher, Founder, Tahoe Adventure Film Festival
Corey Rich, Photographer, Director and DP at Corey Rich Productions
Wayne Wong, Professional Skier and Philanthropist

Snowboarder above Lake Tahoe | Corey Rich

5 Reasons to Plan Your Lake Tahoe Winter Vacation

Thinking about heading to Lake Tahoe this winter? Let us help make that decision easier with five reasons why you need put Tahoe on your must-ski list this winter.

1. Convenient Access – From New York, getting to Lake Tahoe is easier than you think. JetBlue offers nonstop air service from JFK to Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Once you land, world-class skiing is only 30 minutes away on all weather highways.

2. Stunning Scenery (that lake!)Lake Tahoe invites superlatives. Spectacular. Majestic. Beautiful. Admittedly, not all of us are as poetic as Mark Twain, who described it as ‘the fairest picture the whole world affords’, but you get the picture. Tahoe’s clear blue waters are truly magnificent (see what we did there?), and when surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada range, make the perfect backdrop to a ski and snowboard vacation – and your vacation photos.

3. Unparalleled Nightlife and Entertainment – Things don’t wind down when the lifts close here. On the contrary, that’s when the fun begins. Après ski parties, live music, dancing, and that unique Nevada style nightlife make Lake Tahoe unlike any other ski destination. If your type of nightlife involves an intimate gourmet meal or s’mores around a fire pit, you’ll find that here too.

4. West Coast Sunshine – The Tahoe region receives an average of 300+ days of sunshine a year *and* an average annual snowfall of 400 inches. This seeming contradiction means you can get both your powder fix and your goggle tan, sometimes at the same time.

5. North America’s largest concentration of ski resorts – The Ski Lake Tahoe resorts boast over 22,000 acres of terrain for you to explore, from groomers to bumps, tight chutes to wide open bowls, parks and pipes, and everything in between. Are you ready?

Learn more about planning your Lake Tahoe ski and snowboard vacation.

blog-home-limited ski lake tahoe six pack tickets

Six-Pack Lift Tickets on Sale for 2015-16 Season

Six Days of Skiing or Riding at Lake Tahoe’s World-Class Resorts for $379; the Ultimate Deal in Terms of Variety, Flexibility and Affordability

Lake Tahoe, CA & NV​- With Labor Day now in the rearview mirror, skiers and snowboarders are turning their attention toward the upcoming winter season as timing is critical in finding the best values on lift tickets and multi-day passes. For those in the know, the Ski Lake Tahoe Six-Pack Lift Ticket represents the ultimate deal in terms of variety, flexibility and savings for destination guests planning a ski vacation to the region. The Ski Lake Tahoe Six-Pack Lift Ticket includes six days of skiing or snowboarding at Lake Tahoe’s world-class resorts for only $379, less than $64 per day.

A limited number of Ski Lake Tahoe Six-Pack Lift Tickets will be available for purchase and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The Six-Pack lift tickets are valid throughout the 2015-16 season (see blackout dates below) and do not have to be used on consecutive days. Given Lake Tahoe’s typically long winter season, ticket holders can use one lift ticket as early as November and another as late as the month of April. The lift tickets are also fully transferrable to family and friends.

The Ski Lake Tahoe Six-Pack Lift Ticket includes:

  • 1 lift ticket valid at Heavenly, Kirkwood or Mt. Rose-Ski Tahoe
  • 1 lift ticket valid at Heavenly or Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort
  • 1 lift ticket valid at Kirkwood or Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort
  • 1 lift ticket valid at Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows or Mt. Rose-Ski Tahoe
  • 1 lift ticket valid at Squaw Valley or Northstar California
  • 1 lift ticket valid at Alpine Meadows or Northstar California

Additional pass perks include unlimited breath-taking lake views as well as access to more than 125 chairlifts, 22,000 acres of legendary terrain and 24/7 Vegas-style nightlife and entertainment. The Lake Tahoe region continues to capture the national spotlight as a result of ongoing capital improvements both on and off the slopes including new lifts, new lodging properties and more than 30,000 square feet of new retail storefronts and dining options.
Boasting more resorts in close proximity than any other winter destination in North America, Lake Tahoe receives more than 400 inches of snow during a typical season while still averaging close to 300 days of sunshine. This truly unique weather pattern regularly results in bottomless bluebird powder days and reliable snow conditions from November through the end of April.

Special notes:

  • Only 1 voucher per Six-Pack redeemable per resort, per day
  • The following blackout dates apply: November 27-28, 2015; December 26-31, 2015; January 16-17, 2016; February 13-14, 2016
  • Lift tickets cannot be resold; not valid for resale on eBay or other online auctions

For more information or to purchase a Ski Lake Tahoe Six-Pack lift ticket, guests should visit

About Ski Lake Tahoe

Surrounding North America’s largest alpine lake, the collection of resorts that make up Ski Lake Tahoe are Heavenly Mountain Resort, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Mt. Rose-Ski Tahoe, Northstar California Resort, Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort, and Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows. Lake Tahoe boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year, and the region has some of the highest annual snowfall amounts in North America. The ski resorts, all offering unparalleled scenic vistas of panoramic mountain and lake views, are conveniently located near the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. For complete details on booking a winter getaway to Lake Tahoe, please visit

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Whats New at Lake Tahoe

New Casinos, VIP Experiences and World-Class Entertainment Top List of “What’s New” for the 2014-15 Season

Lake Tahoe, CA & NV (October 23, 2014) – The spending spree continues at Lake Tahoe resorts with ongoing capital improvements topping the $100 million mark over the course of the last three seasons. This upcoming winter season’s highlights include new lifts, new lakefront lodges, two new resort casino properties and more than 30,000 square feet of new retail storefronts and dining options.

  • Bigger, bolder nightlife and non-stop fun for the entire family
    Lake Tahoe will be welcoming two completely renovated casino resort properties to its shores this season, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and the Cal Neva Resort, upping the ante in terms of Vegas-style entertainment and boundary-pushing nightlife. The resorts will also be unveiling new family-friendly attractions to ensure unforgettable ski vacations for years to come for guests of all ages. New ziplines, treetop canopy tours, themed kid zones and expanded tubing parks will keep the young ones busy long after the lifts stop turning.
  • New on-mountain amenities and VIP experiences
    The resorts will also be unveiling exclusive opportunities for destination guests to get the most out of their ski vacations by tapping into the knowledge of longtime locals. Guided snowcat operations, first tracks programs, instructor concierge services and insider apps for smartphones and Google Glass will all be making their debuts this season. Skiers and snowboarders can also enjoy daily après ski parties and complimentary champagne toasts, a true nod to Lake Tahoe’s laidback California vibe.
  • World-class music festivals and competitions
    The calendar is action-packed this season with special events, music festivals, spectator-friendly competitions and even a 75th anniversary celebration at one of the ski resorts. The SnowGlobe Music Festival has become a massive success leading up to the biggest slope-side block party on the planet for New Year’s Eve. Lake Tahoe has also been chosen to host a World Cup event this winter and the region will once again serve as the backdrop for the multi-stop Rahlves Banzai Tour.
  • Lake Tahoe: play more, end less
    Boasting more resorts in close proximity than any other winter destination in North America, Lake Tahoe represents the ultimate ski vacation in terms of variety, affordability and accessibility. To fully appreciate the experience, guests can purchase the Ski Lake Tahoe Six-Pack Lift Ticket boasting six days of skiing or riding at Lake Tahoe’s world-class resorts for only $359, less than $60 per day. The lift tickets are completely transferrable and do not have to be used on consecutive days. Quantities are limited. For complete details on booking a winter vacation to Lake Tahoe, please visit to conveniently access resort profiles, weather forecasts, real-time snow reports, webcams and online discounts on both lift tickets and lodging. The following overview offers a sneak peek of what’s new at the Ski Lake Tahoe resorts and the destination as a whole heading into the 2014-15 winter season.

What’s new for 2014-15 at Ski Lake Tahoe resorts

  • Alpine Meadows has renamed its upper terrain to the Pacific Crest Bowls in tribute to the famed Pacific Crest Trail which spans the entire length of Alpine’s ridgeline. Adventurous skiers and snowboarders can enlist in the new The North Face Mountain Guide program to gain priority lift-line access and explore these hike-to powder stashes with the resort’s most experienced guides, even venturing to neighboring Squaw Valley as the service will be offered there, as well. Guests can also anticipate two new dining experiences, the first being Stoked Oak blending St. Louis barbeque with Santa Maria-style grilling and the second combining a pleasant snowshoe hike under the stars to the mid-mountain Chalet at Alpine Meadows for an intimate Swiss-style dinner. For more details, please visit
  • Heavenly Mountain Resort continues to turn up the volume on its high-energy offerings this season with two new on-slope parties, a bash each Friday and Saturday at East Peak Lodge and Tailgate at Tamarack on Sundays showcasing NFL games and drink specials, both supplementing the resort’s signature Unbuckle at Tamarack après ski parties featuring the Heavenly Angels. The resort will be kicking things off with Winter Ignite, a two-weekend event that is headlined by a free concert by Young the Giant on December 13. On the slopes, Heavenly has expanded the West Coast’s largest snowmaking system, focusing on the beginner terrain at the top of the Heavenly Gondola, as well as the Skyline Trail connecting the California and Nevada sides of the resort. Heavenly Sports will be doubling the size of its rental fleet and streamlining the process by integrating with Heavenly’s Ski and Ride School. Guests can also peruse more than 30,000 square feet of new retail storefronts and dining options at The Chateau, a new modern shopping facility adjacent to Heavenly Village. Log on to for the entire story.
  • Kirkwood Mountain Resort continues to benefit from its recent acquisition by Vail Resorts. Given the resort’s propensity for huge snowfall, significant investments have been made in both mountain operations and snow removal equipment with a goal of opening the mountain as soon as possible following big storms. Guests can now gain an insider’s perspective to the resort’s legendary terrain and powder stashes thanks to the new EpicMix Guide, an interactive application that draws from over 350 unique itineraries to generate a customized trail map to experience Kirkwood like a long-time local. Expedition: Kirkwood, known for CAT Tours, Private Guides and Avalanche Education, has added an exciting element of discovery this season. The new Discovery Series has been designed to take intermediate skiers and rider’s skills to the next level on the unique and challenging terrain found at Kirkwood. These camps can be taken individually or as part of a series of three. Check out or to learn more.
  • Boasting Lake Tahoe’s highest base elevation and the closest skiing to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Mt. Rose-Ski Tahoe will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary this season and the 10th Anniversary of the opening of The Chutes, the 200 acres of double black diamond terrain that was once taboo at the resort. Mt. Rose-Ski Tahoe has also increased its snowmaking capabilities by more than 50%, particularly in their beginner areas, which were also the focus of significant upgrades in the form of widened runs and smoother trail transitions. The resort will also once again be partnering with Reno resort casino properties to offer unbeatable stay-and-ski packages starting as low as $89 for lift ticket and lodging. The latest resort information can be found at
  • Having invested more than $30 million in capital improvements during recent years, Northstar California Resort has become synonymous with casual elegance and quintessential laid-back luxury and style. To celebrate, the resort is unveiling a new daily tōst where guests are invited to raise a glass and sip bubbly on the mountain each day at 2:00pm. Northstar will also debut Mountain Table, a new culinary experience showcasing the best of California’s freshly-sourced produce, meats and seasonal ingredients masterfully paired with regional artisan wines, craft beers, and distilled spirits. The mountaintop dinners will be served in Northstar’s Zephyr Lodge, renowned for its unmistakable, panoramic view of the Pacific Crest through floor-to-ceiling windows. The resort will also introduce Primo Private Lessons granting carte blanche access to the mountain including expedited lift privileges, exclusive on-mountain dining experiences and customized on-mountain instruction. Olympic gold medalist David Wise has also put his stamp of approval on a new family-focused Progression Park designed to ease the transition between beginner, intermediate and advanced features. Visit for more details.
  • Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort has invested $5 million to construct the Solstice Plaza, a new 30,000 square foot deck and 9,000 square foot base area facility that houses a new retail shop, demo center and restaurant. The new Solstice Plaza facility will serve as an ideal venue for hosting the second annual Equinox Spring Festival embracing Lake Tahoe’s perfect blend of springtime sun and snow with free concerts, themed parties and plenty of giveaways. Sierra has also expanded the Burton Star WarsTM Experience to include a new Echo Base, a themed educational experience for kids ages 7-12 that features unique chainsaw carvings of Star WarsTM characters and terrain-based teaching programs designed to accelerate the learning curve. On March 28, Sierra-at-Tahoe will host the NewSchoolers Invitational featuring the best in freestyle skiing competitors including multiple X Games gold medalists and one-of-a-kind features built by Snow Park technologies. Further information can be found at
  • Squaw Valley is in the midst of a five year, $70 million “renaissance” that has included new chairlifts, major base renovations and the world’s first ski-in/ski-out Starbucks. This season the resort will be hosting a number of world-class festivals and competitions including two World Cup events in April, the Audi FIS Skicross World Cup and the FIS Snowboard World Cup. Following in the footsteps of the resort’s very successful Wanderlust Festival, Squaw Valley will be hosting the entirely new WinterWonderGrass Tahoe during late March, a festival that combines bluegrass and roots music with craft beers and regional wines. Speaking of the Wanderlust, the resort will be launching new “Mountain to Mat” workshops this season incorporating a guided half day on the mountain, afternoon yoga classes at the Wanderlust Yoga Studio, mini-spa treatments at Trilogy Spa and locally-sourced breakfast/lunch for $169 per person, $229 including lift ticket. Visit for complete details.

About Ski Lake Tahoe

Surrounding North America’s largest alpine lake, the collection of resorts that make up Ski Lake Tahoe are Alpine Meadows, Heavenly Mountain Resort, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Mt. Rose-Ski Tahoe, Northstar California Resort, Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort, and Squaw Valley. Lake Tahoe boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year, and the region has some of the highest annual snowfall amounts in North America. The seven resorts, all offering unparalleled scenic vistas of panoramic mountain and lake views, are conveniently located near the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. For complete details on booking a winter getaway to Lake Tahoe, please visit