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Reno Tahoe USA


Not far away is a place that's a world apart, a place where personal passions are played out days, nights and with every beat of the heart. It's Reno Tahoe USA, antidote to those stresses that leave us feeling as though life's sliding by. Kayaks cut through the middle of town, PGA-caliber courses stretch from deserts to lakes, and sophisticated spas speak to those in search of their inner pause buttons. It's where the fans of life gather for those games, festivals and events that remind us of the importance of a moment lived well. Today is precious and your passions are itching to play. Go on. What's your passion?


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Eagle Ridge Snowmobile Tours

Experience Reno-Tahoe

Eagle Ridge Snowmobile Tours
Truckee, CA

“We got 200 miles of trails out here on 650 square miles of property and it’s been out here for 15 years,” said Bob Kellog, owner of Eagle Ridge Snowmobile Tours. “I’m the third owner. This is a wilderness experience. And none of the other companies really are a wilderness experience. Half the fun is just taking a drive to come out to it.”

“When a customer shows up, we assume that they’ve never been on a snowmobile before, so we give them a complete orientation of our snowmobiles, and then give them an idea of what they are going to be doing and check to see if everyone is feeling real comfortable as we go along and get them experienced where they can come enjoy their ride,” said Kellog.

“The views are spectacular. We just stood 1,000 feet over the largest Alpine Meadow in North America and it’s just fantastic and beautiful,” said Aaron Katz, customer.

“This is great for all abilities and all levels. Either come out here and cruise or give yourself a little workout. Another activity to add to my list of super fun things to do in Lake Tahoe,” said Amber Crezee, customer.

“Some of my favorite spots out here are the views overlooking the Sierra Meadow, the largest Apline Meadow in Northern America, here at Weber Lake with a little piece of history going back to the 1860s and Horizon Meadow, where it’s one of our play areas,” said Kellog. “I think these are my three favorite.”

“Bob is a great guide and he’s super fun and all the staff have been really nice and really helpful,” said Creeze.

“We allow children to the age of 5-years-old and above on our machines and we have had folks as old as 85 years out here trying it,” said Kellog. “Every snowmobile has heated grips, heated handle bars, and double seats for an extra customer. This year we added a van for the Truckee area to bring people in from the resorts and it’s by reservation and we operate seven days a week, so if anybody needs a ride just gives us a call and see if we can’t take you out for an adventure.”

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